Unfortunately GitSentry is no longer active.

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Unlimited Public Repos
Github & Bitbucket Support
On Demand Scans
SQL Injection Detection
XSS Exploit Detection
Vulnerable Gem Detection


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Private Repos
Automatic Scans
Security Threat Detection


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Internally Hosted Repos
Email Alerts
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Private Repos
Automatic Scans
Security Threat Detection

Static Analysis

GitSentry runs directly against your code, which provides two key benefits: it doesn't require deployment to a special environment for testing, and it can detect problems before any code is deployed.

Not Just Ruby

A modern web application contains more than just your controllers and views. GitSentry scans your Ruby code as well as your JavaScript for potential issues.

Protect your App

Guard against the following vulnerabilities
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Vulnerable Gems
  • and more...

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We're always open to feedback, questions, and just saying hey. You can reach us by email at or hit us up on twitter @GitSentry.

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